Women for Sobriety, Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women discover an abstinent New Life. It is the first self-help recovery program based on the unique emotional needs of women. WFS was founded in July, 1975, and has been helping women in recovery from alcohol and drug addictions for over 40 years.

The WFS New Life Program is based on Thirteen Acceptance Statements which encourage emotional and spiritual growth. The New Life Program is extremely effective in helping women gain and maintain sobriety. The Thirteen Statements act as a guide for women to embrace positive lifestyle changes.

WFS has certified moderators leading face-to-face groups and many women serving as local contacts in the US and Canada. We also have a 24/7 online forum and multiple weekly online chats. To learn more explore this site, visit our catalog, and read our blog. Then register for our online community or contact our office for free literature, face-to-face meeting locations, and local contact information. Any woman seeking an abstinent New Life is welcome to join WFS.

The WFS philosophy is:  Release the past — plan for tomorrow — live for today.