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This page is for WFS Certified Facilitators and other in-person meeting volunteers.
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CF Application:




From Dr. Jean Kirkpatrick


Meeting Management:

Online Meetings:

  • If  you need a Google Hangouts or Zoom online meeting set up for your group contact [email protected]
  • For CF instructions on using Google Hangouts for meetings click here
  • For instructions on using Google Hangouts to attend a meeting click here
  • For CF instructions for hosting Zoom meetings click here


Additional Supports Available for Facilitators:


Paper versions of most of these items are also available by special request. Email [email protected]


Group Return Sheet

Use this form to submit your group counts and then pay via PayPal


Group Return Sheet - Other Payment Method

Use this form to submit your counts, then submit the money using one of the options provided.


Group Literature/Supplies Request

Request free literature and supplies for your local face-to-face WFS meeting here. Meeting must be registered with WFS and listed on our online Meeting Finder to be eligible for free supplies.

Group Change Report

Report a change to a Meeting Finder listing here.